Retiree’s Jaw Broken After Asking Pair of Cyclists To Ride Single File

Pensioner Left With Broken Jaw
An elderly pensioner on his way to a Sunday morning walk on the beach has been brutally attacked by a Lycra-wearing cyclist because he asked a pair of cyclists to ride single file. 76 year old Graeme Gibb says he was left with a shattered jaw which will now take months to heal. Police are still searching for the assailant.

A cyclist has been accused of shattering a pensioner’s jaw after he asked a pair of riders to travel in single file. 

Graeme Gibb, who lives at Burleigh Waters on the Gold Coast, claims he was punched by a lycra-wearing cyclist while en route to his weekly Sunday walk. 

The 76-year-old was behind the wheel as he drove from his gym session to the car park opposite the Miami Hotel,  where he begins his beach stroll. 

Mr Gibb seen here with his car...
Graeme Gibb seen here with his restored 1976 Pontiac Firebird says he was attacked by the cyclist as he was getting out of his car to enjoy a Sunday morning stroll on the beach.

The retiree then came across two cyclists ignoring a bike lane, who he claims he struggled to safely drive around, The Courier-Mail reported.

‘They were riding side-by-side taking up the main lane while there was a massive bike lane right next to them,’ Mr Gibb says.  ‘I shouted out (of the car) ”why don’t you (ride) single file” as I drove past.’  

Mr Gibb passed the cyclists but when he parked his vehicle in the shaded carpark opposite the Miami Hotel, he was approached by one of the riders.

He started coming towards me and punched me very hard with closed fist to the right side of my face,’ Mr Gibb said.  The punch was so forceful he fell to his knees and ‘saw stars’.  
The 76-year-old says he questioned the cyclist: ‘What did you that for?
The Cyclist Who Punched The Pensioner
Police are wanting to question the cyclist seen in this photo. If you recognise him please contact the Queensland Crime Stoppers hot line.

The offending cyclist,  who is believed to be a member of a Facebook Group called “Gold Coast Cycling Combine” has yet to be questioned by police.

Senior Editor for Single File Please,  Geoff Baird,  says this is simply more evidence the time has arrived for cyclists to wear mandatory ID tags.

“The public has had a gut full of this sort of stuff,”  says Mr Baird.  “Bad behaviour takes place when people think there are no consequences,  and cyclists are a group of road users who simply cannot be identified.  That’s what people want to see change.

“Take a look at the photo,”  he continues.  “Look at what he’s holding.  He’s holding a helmet.  That’s what we’re saying is the common link.  Give plastic ID tags away for free but make them mandatory.  

“At the moment bike riders can film offending motorists and they can ask for police action because motorists have to wear a number plate.  But cyclists can get away with whatever they want.”

Comments by readers on the Single File Please Facebook Page indicate very little sympathy exists for the offender who remains at large at the time of writing.

The Number One Reason Cyclists Should Be Registered
Geoff Baird, Senior Editor for Single File Please, says mandatory lightweight plastic ID tags are the solution for cyclists who need to be identifiable.