You Just Had a Crash On Your Bike?

So you just had a crash?

A road crash can be a confronting and emotional experience,  But you know something?  The pro’s average 3 big crashes a year.  So,  unless you’re really smashed up,  unless you’re high as a kite in the back of an ambulance,  stop your whining.  You’ll cope. 

You Just Had A Crash?

Like we said,  unless you’re really smashed up with bits of bone sticking out of your skin?  You’re going to be OK eventually so don’t be carrying on like that fat guy who was riding uphill into a blinding sun in the middle of a 3 lane main road and he got hit from behind and then he started telling everyone to “Call the Cops!  Call an ambulance!”  Show some class and don’t blame other people for your own stupidity.  More importantly,  look for the positives.  If you go about it the right way,  this is an opportunity to make some serious cash by rorting the Third Party Injury system!

If you find yourself lying on the road,  whether it’s under your own steam,  or with someone else’s assistance…  first go and have a look at the car that hit you and show some concern for any damage you might have caused.  That’s what should be paramount in your thinking immediately after a crash.  You want to win that sucker over with your charm.  They’ll think you’re such a nice person they’ll feel compelled to give you their private details. 

And that ultimately is your goal.  You want their details so you can get your third party injury claim underway as soon as possible!

It’s not hard to know what to do if you’re involved in a cycling incident with a motor vehicle.  Simply focus on the dollars.  That’s all you need to think about.  Each state in Australia has a huge pool of cash called the Third Party Injury fund,  we’re talking billions of dollars per state.  And that’s why there are specialist traffic injury law firms now.  To help YOU get your hands on some of that cash.  So really play it up.  Unless you’re dead.  If you’re dead you don’t have to act anymore.  But if you’re not dead?  Make out you’re an inch away.

So,  do you need to report the incident to the Police?  Well,  that’s determined by how much damage you did to the vehicle that hit you.  For example,  if you smashed their windscreen fully in and head butted the driver with your helmet?  For sure,  you’re gonna need to fess up to the cops that you really fucked up and caused some damage.  What’s really important is this….  always ALWAYS admit that the accident was your fault.  As soon as the cops arrive,  start shouting those words…  IT WAS MY FAULT!  IT WAS MY FAULT!

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