London Cycling Community Says Incident Between Cyclist And Fire Truck Was Attempted Murder

How could you not see a firetruck?
Stop Killing Cyclists, a British cycling lobby group, says an incident involving a fire truck cutting off a cyclist was a blatant attempt at murder. However, our contributing editor Matt Wallace says it's abundantly clear this cyclist wasn't looking where he was going. In their efforts to pursue yet more and more public funding, Matt reckons cyclists have reached a point where they are now completely incapable of even the slightest hint of common sense and self responsibility.

A truly amazing video has gone viral which features an incident between a cyclist and a London fire truck.  Depending your point of view  (which, in reality, is determined by whether you’re a cyclist or not)  the video shows a cyclist almost being killed by a driver in a fire truck who didn’t care one bit that the cyclist was there,  or more likely,  the video shows a cyclist who has pure shit for brains.

However, Donnachadh McCarthy,  a spokesperson for the controversial cycling lobby group Stop Killing Cyclists,  says anyone who finds this incident funny is entirely part of the problem.

“This bike rider was almost killed!  What sort of sick demented person would find something like that funny?”  he asks.  “This rider is someone’s father,  someone’s brother,  someone’s son!  He is a victim.  He is a victim of the relentless ongoing murder attempts by thousands of motorists every single day as they unleash their two tonne killing machines onto the innocent public!”

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Which brings us to the video filmed by London motorcycling commuter named GRBiker. When you ride motorcycles the action comes fast and furious sometimes, which is why a lot of them wear GoPros on their helmets nowadays.

Arranging an appointment with Donnachadh McCarthy (the nominal leader of the Stop Killing Cyclists lobby group) provided an insight into what a typical cycling lobbyist sees compared to what most people see.  Watching the GRBiker video with him was illuminating.

“Did you see that?  There,  right there!  Did you see it?”  asks the fuming McCarthy.  “It was on purpose.  The driver did that on purpose.  He was trying to kill that bike rider!  It’s so obvious when you know what to look for.  We see this sort of thing every single day.  The driver has no excuse,  he knows he has a blind spot and he should have found a way to ensure that bike rider wasn’t in his blind spot!

“This is why we started our lobby group Stop Killing Cyclists.” he continues.  “This carnage has to end.  The only way forward for every civilised nation is to ban motorised vehicles and to force people on to bicycles instead.  People who ride bicycles are saving the planet.”

When McCarthy was tested on that claim he immediately became confrontational.  After having it put to him that India and China alone produce 38% of the world’s greenhouse emissions,  we were told quite unexpectedly that our meeting was immediately over.  

Stop Killing Cyclists Die In
This image is taken from the official Stop Killing Cyclists Facebook Page. In the words of one member regarding this image, "A proud day for our campaign."
Of course, the problem the Stop Killing Cyclists movement faces is the fact they are well known for being the people who invented the extremely unpopular "cyclist die in".

One of our contributing editors at Single File Please,  Rob Scott,  is a former racing cyclist and is also a former resident of London.  When we first asked Rob about the Stop Killing Cyclists movement this is what he he had to say.  

“The people who buy into the Stop Killing Cyclists rubbish are idealistic fools,” Rob told us.  “The vast majority of them get their kicks from hanging out on social media 10 hours a day,  searching the internet for recreational outrage as their primary source of entertainment.

“The problem London faces is it’s just so overcrowded,”  says the adopted Aussie import.  “That’s why my wife and I moved our family down here about 20 years ago.  The road system in London is so over saturated it’s reached the point where it’s relentlessly strangled at least 12 hours every single working day.  The entire road system comes to a standstill from 7am to 7pm,  Monday to Friday.

“And then you’ve got these twits on bicycles making out they’ve all been killed at the same time in one spot by some mythical attack from outer space.  Which only makes the traffic worse.  They just don’t get it.  The issue isn’t infrastructure.  The issue isn’t education.  The issue is over saturation and too much population density.

“When you have ten million people trying to use a road system on a daily basis which is capable of carrying at best,  only five million people,  you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realise there’s going to be a shit fight over scarce resources.  But the Stop Killing Cyclists people don’t think that way.  They insist on living in London,  and they want to enjoy the money and the jobs which comes with living in London,  but they’re not prepared to put up with the population density which comes with it.”